Patrice Baldwin, Chair of National Drama, received the following (and abridged) message from Larry O’Farrell, Chair, Steering Committee of the International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE):

In July of this year, the Executive Board of UNESCO adopted priority rankings for its five major programmes along with a recommendation that the lowest priorities be considered for elimination.

Within these rankings, the cultural programme was accorded a proportionately low number of A and B level ratings and the creativity program (within which arts education is accommodated) was effectively ranked 48 out of 48 priorities overall.  This means that it is at risk of elimination.  

If these rankings remain unchanged when the General Conference meets in November, the result could be that no staff member within UNESCO would be permitted to spend time on the creativity file, including arts education.  

However: It is not too late to modify the priority rankings.

The final rankings will be voted on by the committees and we can contact the National Commissions of UNESCO in our own countries to express our concern about the future of creativity as a priority within UNESCO programming.

To contact the UK commission, you can use the contact details below:

Chairperson : Professor William John Morgan 
Vice-Chairperson : Ms Sue Davies 
Vice-Chairperson : Mr Tim Williams 
Head of the Secretariat/Secretary-General : Mr James Bridge
Senior Research and Communications Officer : Mr Ian White
Finance and Office Manager : Ms Andrea Blick
Programme Officer in Scotland (part-time) : Ms Isa Uny 

United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO 
c/o United Nations Association-UK
3 Whitehall Court
London SW1A 2 EL
United Kingdom

More advice on what to say can be found using these links:

The Seoul Agenda can be found on the UNESCO website via the following link. 

The Road Map for Arts Education can be found via this link.

A list of National Commissions, including the names and contact information of current Presidents/Chairs and Secretary-Generals can be found at the following site.

5/30/2016 08:27:06 am

The creative program must be necessarily present in the framework of art education. Its elimination will reduce the level of cultural development.

7/29/2017 02:37:45 pm

I think this is the first priority of this fund. I need to go there for help

8/23/2017 10:31:47 pm

The priority ratings should be adopted in accordance with UNESCO programs. However, this influence should not be decisive for the creativity.

9/20/2017 01:10:36 am

Such an organization as UNESCO is simply obligated to protect and develop all areas of art around the world.

1/11/2018 12:56:27 pm

I like UNESCO. I really appereciate this organisation. That would be so nice to help them.


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